No Taxation without Representation: Give each Dollar a Job

With a little over a month to go, tax season is in full swing. For those of us who haven’t yet filed, don’t fret; this message is right on time. For all who have already filed, good for you! Regardless of where you stand, tax season is inevitable and can be planned for!

My question is: what will you do if you are expecting a return? There are multiple ways to receive credits and deductions to ensure maximum return:

  • In college? There’s a credit for you.
  • Have kids? Credit, too!
  • Own a home? CREDIT!
  • Give to charity? They have a credit for that.

The best part? Many of you will be eligible for FREE tax preparation. Talk about savings!

Mama’s secret today: Save $1,000 and keep it for emergencies. All set with your $1,000 emergency fund? Save 3 months of expenses.


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